Omnis Academy 04/09/2017 - OMNIS ACADEMY comes to South America Omnis Academy in Quito, Ecuador, an opportunity not to be missed! This time Omnis Academy provides 1 day specialize training in using Omnis Studio and the JavaScript Client for creating enterprise, web and mobile […]
Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 Regional Conference 24/07/2017 - Madrid 2017 October 17  MEETING: Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 Regional Conference / España (with Armeen Mazda, CEO of Appeon) October 18  TRAINING: Appeon PowerBuilder Web, Mobile and WebServices The NEW PowerBuilder: introducing the new distribution and support network, with 1 day […]
Meeting 04/07/2017 - Quito, 27 September 2017, Web and Mobile application development and real time database replication: technical showcase and business opportunities with Omnis Studio and DBMoto
Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 30/06/2017 - The first new installment of PowerBuilder: June 30 2017 Appeon is currently working on a new generation of PowerBuilder that will keep everything you love about native PowerBuilder development while supercharging your projects with proven standards and technologies. In the […]
Windows 10 Omnis JavaScript Wrapper Released 05/04/2017 - We are delighted to announce the release of the JavaScript Wrapper for creating standalone “Universal Windows Platform” (UWP) applications. The wrapper allows you to package up your JavaScript Client based Omnis application into a Windows 10 compatible app that can […]
Omnis Academy 19/01/2017 - Omnis developers wanted – Free of charge introductory courses
Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 Italian and Spain pre-orders 27/12/2016 - Contact us: for Italy and Spain Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 pre-orders, also for all the European companies wont to purchase from a european company.
Omnis Studio Italian/Spanish Partner Meeting – La Certosa di Pontignano (Siena) – Thursday, October 20, 2016 20/08/2016 - The Meeting will be held within OmnisWorld 2016, in the morning you will have a dedicated session while from lunch onwards we will be together for the rest of the day, including dinner and music. Bienvenidos también a los clientes […]
OmnisWorld 2016 – Certosa di Pontignano, Tuscany October 16-21 2016 20/08/2016 - Omnis developers subscribe to OmnisWorld 2016! To discover new and unknown Omnis Studio features! To share experiences with the best developers in the world! Because this time OmnisWorld takes place in a magical place in Italy! … Call us SOFTPI for any […]
Appeon PowerBuilder 12/07/2016 - Appeon and SAP (NYSE: SAP) have signed an agreement to develop PowerBuilder development platform (InfoMaker included). Appeon will be in charge of development, sale and support of our offer based on PowerBuilder technology, whose name will be Appeon PowerBuilder. Overview […]
OMNIS STUDIO 8 28/06/2016 - Video Italian/English/Spanish: A proposito di Omnis – About Omnis Video – Acerca de Omnis Key New Features: · 64-bit and Cocoa support for OS X The 64-bit version of Omnis Studio is now available on OS X including the SDK, […]
SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 17 27/06/2016 - What’s new in version 17. Two years of development that have brought important news. Tooling, Performance, Security, Availability, enhancements to languages, enhancements Development. Array of components available during … click on the following link SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 17
Video: Italian Omnis Meeting september 29, 2015 25/06/2016 - Italian Omnis Meeting 2015 candidates Tuscany for EurOmnis 2016 Conference / OmnisWorld Italian Omnis Meeting 2015 candidates Tuscany for EurOmnis 2016 Conference.  
MULTI-DATABASE PERFORMANCE AND TUNING 24/06/2016 - Here is your download link for SQL Diagnostic Manager! Start for free WebCast dedicato a coloro che operano con database etereogenei. Multi-Database Performance and Tuning