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Sistema di gestione di basi di dati relazionali:
completo, facile da rendere embedded, client-server,
che fornisce accesso SQL alle tabelle  ISAM (Indexed Sequential Access Method)


SAP Sybase Advantage Database Server offers a growth path for embedded database applications, enabling the applications to use enterprise-caliber feature sets. Developers using Advantage SAP Sybase Database Server have the flexibility to use multiple platforms and multiple development languages, including clipper development, with native drivers(Download Advantage Crystal Reports Driver Now). Little or no maintenance is required. Start with the database management system free trial today.


  • Accesso Flessibile ai Dati -SAP Sybase Advantage Database Server provides data access via native relational SQL or direct navigational commands.
  • Ottimizzato – The management system offers optimized data access for Delphi, Visual Studio, Visual Objects, Visual Basic and more.
  • Facile da Gestire -Zero administration is needed, as Advantage Database Server is easy to install and manage–no database administrator required.
  • Supporta l’integrità referenziale – SAP Sybase Advantage Database Server provides complete referential integrity support, including primary/foreign key definition and cascaded updates and deletes.
  • Evita che il Database si corrompa – Server-based transaction processing eliminates database corruption.
  • Sicurezza dei Dati – The system offers complete security and encryption support for databases.
  • Altamente Scalabile – Advantage Database Server is fully scalable from local to peer-to-peer to client-server environments-with one set of source code.
  • Advantage Database Server 12.0
  • Advantage Database Server
  • Advantage Database Server – Advantage TDataSet Descendant
  • Advantage Database Server Aggiornamento che comprende il supporto per Delphi XE 4.
  • Advantage Database Server Aggiornamento che comprende il supporto per Delphi XE 4.

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