SAP PowerDesigner 16.6

SAP PowerDesigner 16.6

PowerDesigner Desktop Client

  • Business Process Modeling
  • Enhanced Solution Manager 7.1 support, ease alignment with BPMN2
  • Data Support Enhancement
  • Data Modeling
  • SAP HANA Calculation Views
  • SAP HANA Core Data Services (CDS)
  • Others
  • Reworked tool box for relationship tools
  • Prefix-suffix in model generation
  • Enable Procedure with same name and different signature
  • General
  • Unplug name and code synchronization
  • Property Sheet Notes Tab becomes Definition
  • Manage Users repository privileges becomes Manage Users & Permissions
  • Improved Object Sorting in browser and menus

PowerDesigner Web

  • Enterprise Architecture Model – creation and editing
  • Requirements Model – creation and editing
  • Search and reuse
  • Impact Analysis
  • Customizable Diagram Reports
  • Translatable Diagrams
  • Simplified Diagram Creation
  • Repository Explorer Enhancements
  • Move models
  • Delete folders and models, delete versions
  • Rename folders and models
  • External documents support
  • Administration Enhancements
  • New list of locks, activities, and change lists
  • Test connection to database, license and LDAP servers
  • Enhanced user list

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