Services and Support:
from PowerBuilder to the Web
from PowerBuilder to the Mobile

Services and support to help developers to move PowerBuilder* applications to the Web with Appeon.

Services and support to help developers to extend PowerBuilder applications to the Mobile with Appeon.

Services and support to help developers to move PowerBuilder/EAServer* applications (three layers) to the Web with Appeon.

Services and support to help developers to extend PowerBuilder/EAServer applications (three layers) to the Mobile with Appeon.

Appeon Web (formerly Appeon for PowerBuilder), the Appeon flagship product, automatically converts PowerBuilder Client/Server applications to Java or .NET on the Web. It is specially designed for enterprises to quickly Web-enable their mission-critical systems built with PowerBuilder. No major re-architecting is required. Customers can interact with their applications in the way to which they’re accustomed and leverage their existing software and developer resources. The product contains 5 innovative patents registered in US. Over 3,000 customers worldwide have already adopted Appeon Web for their web-enabled solutions. There is no easier or faster approach to develop robust user-friendly business applications.”

Appeon Mobile is the first and revolutionary solution that enables PowerBuilder developers to rapidly and easily build native mobile apps from the PowerBuilder IDE. Native mobile apps, unlike HTML apps, offer powerful native mobile functionality, fast performance, and offline application access. Appeon Mobile Apps, although native, can be run on virtually all mobile device OS, including iOS and Android.”

For years, organizations have developed specialized applications that are critical to the way they do business. But this functionality is often locked up in legacy systems that are redundant or difficult to maintain. Companies now realize that not all of these tools are being leveraged in the most effective manner and look to the internet for a solution.

Web Enablement, the transformation of an existing, non-Web technology application into a Web technology-based solution, utilizes the internet to unlock current enterprise system data and application logic. By Web enabling enterprise applications, businesses can reduce costs by promoting self-service, allowing both internal users and outside customers to access information more conveniently than ever before.

To facilitate Web Enablement for your business, Appeon is firmly committed to the use of Web Services wherever possible. Standards such as Web Services and XML provide the best value proposition for firms looking to generate tangible return while minimizing time-to-market and mitigating financial risks and market exposure.

Our technology modernization is very different from “code conversion”. Our complete end-to-end modernization solution includes Assessment, Migration/Transformation and Integration. This results in a fully functional and easy way to maintain transformed application whose architecture and design patterns are consistent with the corporate technology road map. The integration with upstream, downstream systems and all related systems both within and outside the enterprise is seamless and is completed using SOA or other ways to ensure that the newly developed application on the target platform chosen – J2EE or .NET meets all of your expectations.

Our modernization services include complete assessment of the current system, migrating using automated tools where appropriate, refactoring and rewriting where relevant, and integrating the migrated application so the enterprise applications can “talk”.

Appeon Turnkey Web Migration solution offers migration of your existing PowerBuilder application to the Web with .NET or Java technology for a fixed price -success guaranteed!

Benefits of choosing Appeon Turnkey Migration Service:

Shorten the Web development time from years to just months or weeks
Eliminate the risks of rewriting the whole application
Deliver the richest Web User Interface and ease of use
Integrate with other desktop applications or Web services seamlessly
Standardize your development of both Client/Server and Web on one code base
Reduce your application deployment/maintenance cost and headaches


Automated PowerBuilder-to-Web Conversion

Even though Appeon takes responsibility for the success of your Web migration, you remain in the driver’s seat throughout the project. Appeon Professional Services work closely with your staff to understand the technical and business requirements. Then, Appeon modifies your existing PowerBuilder code to prepare it for deployment to the Web with Appeon Web. The project is executed in an accelerated time frame, and you will receive weekly code updates and participate in weekly meetings with Appeon Professional Services. On average, Appeon Web can automate at least 75% of the project effort and replicate nearly all of the application functionality on the Web. Once the Web application is ready, Appeon performs a knowledge transfer so that your staff can continue maintaining the application with the unbeatable productivity of PowerBuilder. Most projects are completed in 90 days or less.


If you have invested in PowerBuilder, we can you to extended your apps to the Mobile:

PowerBuilder developers can instantly build new mobile applications. They do not need development knowledge beyond PowerBuilder. Thereby you are allowed to keep the same development team.
Reuse some existing PB code: DataWindows, stored procedures, ESQL, and even PowerScript! If you are looking at extending an existing system, you may want to adapt existing datawindows for nomadic entry screen or mobile reporting, or reuse existing business rules already coded in PowerScript.
Leverage your existing Appeon experience: if you are already using Appeon Web, you are already familiar with the key concepts and architecture of our solutions. Although Appeon Mobile and Appeon Web are 2 separate products providing different sets of features, the development process is similar.
Leverage existing PowerBuilder licenses: you don’t have to retool the development team, since they continue to use the same development environment they have been using for years.

Create Modern and State-of-the-art User Interfaces

Appeon Mobile generates Native applications with an intuitive, user-friendly and modern User Interface for mobile users. The UI is adapted to the look and feel of each device but still corresponds to the application the user is accustomed to.


Maximize Development Productivity

You know how fast PowerBuilder creates data-driven business applications. Appeon Mobile offers the same productivity to develope Mobile Applications! It is at least 10X faster than Xcode or Eclipse!


Minimize Maintenance Costs

Cut maintenance costs in half or more. You no longer have to maintain 1 project for each mobile OS you wish to support; with Appeon Mobile, you develop once and deploy to all mobile devices.

From a single source code, Appeon Mobile generates Native Applications for several Mobile platforms

Some solutions can partially generate code for several platforms, but then you have to add code specific to each platform to complete the application, thereby maintaining several projects.
Other solutions generate cross-platform applications, but these are web applications, not NATIVE. Hence, users cannot benefit from all the advantages that come with Native applications.
Appeon Mobile is the only solution that generates NATIVE mobile applications for several Mobile platforms from a SINGLE development project. As a result, there is only one project to maintain.


Online, Offline, Anywhere!

Appeon Mobile provides offline features that allow users to work anytime, anywhere and under any situation.
An offline mode allows users to collect data and synchronize it at a later date.
Comply with Corporate Production Standards

Since Appeon Mobile supports leading Databases, Server OS and Application Servers, your mobile applications will fit seamlessly into your existing technology stack.

Training and Training on the job

We have a lot of expiriences, a lot of references worldwide.


* PowerBuilder and EAServer are trademarks of SAP/Sybase

Last  SAP PowerBuilder 12.6 release has updated support for the .NET Framework v4.5, MSS 2012, Windows 8, 32, and 64 bit deployment, and Dockable Windows. Now SAP PowerBuilder 12.6 can interact with SAP HANA with its new OData DataWindow!

With SAP PowerBuilder you also could develop the presentation layer and business logic for retrieving, manipulating, transforming, and persisting data for custom solutions on the SAP HANA platform.