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Le Novità della versione 9.5

1. Added performance transactional mode: Log Server Agent Log Server Agent mode offer ed for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM Db2 fori, IBM Informix, PostgreSQL 2. Enhanced Transactional Replication Setup Mirroring and synchronization now use Enable Transactional Replication and DisableTransactional Replication wizards for increased transparency 3. Added SAP HANA as a source database for transactional replications Mirroring from SAP HANA to all major databases is offered using trigger-based replication 4. Added a bulk mirroring option for performance Replications to Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and Azure, PostgreSQL can now use a bulk mirroring insert option configured in the Connection Properties as the Default Mirroring Insert Mode. 5. Enhanced scripting events for replication disabling/recovery mode Replication_OnError, Record_onBeforeMapping, Record_onAfterMapping, Record_onBeforeExecute and Record_onAfterExecute allow the user to disable the replication, and the Record_OnExecuteError event can put a replication into recovery mode 6. Improved, integrated support for Hadoop Improved support for replicating relational data to Apache Hadoop distributed processing and data storage framework. 7. Added support for replication to JSON format files/JSON datatypes In replication configuration, JSON datatype mapping is supported, and it is possible to set up replications to JSON format files. 8. Added the ability to customize a target table during creation Writing a Create Table Rule in the Global Script Editor provides a way to customize table creation for multiple tables associated with a connection 9. Enhanced support for commitment control in transactional replications The Replication Properties dialog offers additional properties to manage transactions. 10.Added support to manage schema changes For Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2 LUW, IBM i and MySQL, notification and update of schema changes can be managed in the Replication Properties Preferences and the Validate Replications dialog. 11. Script Editor upgrades The Global Script Editor and Replication Scri pt Editor now offer intelligent codecompletion for global and replication scripts


Le Novità della versione 9

Support for Teradata as a targetSupport for replicating data to Teradata.
Support for HadoopSupport for replicating data from relational databases to HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System).
Support for LSA (Log Server Agent) for OracleEnhanced DBMoto performance when replicating data from Oracle (Log Server with LogMiner)
Support for Oracle direct log readerAn additional choice for transactional replications from Oracle using the Log Server module with a –filereader option to access Oracle Archive Logs directly.
Support for LSA (Log Server Agent) for MySQLEnhanced DBMoto performance when replicating data from MySQL
Support for IBM i API log readerImplemented a new approach to reading the IBM i log (journal) using APIs.
Support for LOB replication in IBM i (AS/400)Support for BLOB and LOB replication for the IBM i platform.
Ability to schedule Verifier executionFeature to schedule Verifier activities.
Managing the replication of LOBs by using files instead of keeping in memory their valuesImproved performance when replicating BLOB and LOB datatypes.
Commit control when replicating transaction from source to target (read transactions from log history and apply them to target)Rather than handling each single transaction separately and committing each record on the target, there is now a feature to replicate commits (so if there is a transaction in the source DB with 1000 records, the same transaction will be applied to the 1000 records on the target when replicating).
GUI new look and feelAdded new icons and revamped user interface

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