DBMoto Success Stories: PERI

Informix Data for Modern Business Intelligence Solutions To meet its commitment to timely, accurate decisionmaking, PERI fi rst introduced a business information system at the departmental level with extensive reporting capabilities and fl exible output management. Data
is acquired from the self-developed ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system “PSD.” This system is in worldwide use at PERI and uses 45 Informix databases to store data separately by country. Using a combination of SAP BusinessObjects systems, InfoView and the proprietary PDM data management system, PERI provides important reports and a web portal (myPERI)
for customer access....

...The decision to use DBMoto (already successfully deployed for the Informix DWH) to feed the SAP HANA database was fi nally made after official DBMoto certifi cation for SAP HANA.

DBMoto Success Stories: JAS Forwarding Worldwide

“Some of DBMoto’s key differentiators were its ease of use and
its excellent software documentation.”

“Before DBMoto, we didn’t trust any other ETL software for IBM DB2 for i!”
Alfredo Santos
Wintel Application Development Manager
JAS Forwarding Worldwide

DBMoto Success Stories: EFCO Corporation

“We mostly run Mirroring operations on DBMoto, sourcing data from the applications that run on the AS/400 and feeding it to SQL Server. We have approximately 200 active mirroring operations that run continuously. Many of
these we run at 10 times the design speed, i.e., we read the IBM i logs on a 3-second interval (instead of a typical
30-second interval). We have been doing this for years now and it runs fi ne!” 
Larry Romireo
Application Systems Analyst
EFCO Corporation

DBMoto Success story: McDougall Energy Inc.

“Instead of using SQL replication and having to battle with unknown errors with little to no support, we needed a better solution. And with such a small team, we needed to reduce our time re-inventing the wheel and instead find something that works.”
Dan Austin
Senior Programmer Analyst
McDougall Energy

Mitch Robb, Applications Delivery Manager commented,
“DBMoto provided the functionality we were looking for and has the flexibility to provide any functionality we may need in the future.”

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Conectividad DB2

Despliegue seguro de aplicaciones que requieran integración con sus bases de datos DB2

Quadrate Success Story: Roke Manor Research

Roke Manor Research develops communications and electronic systems for civil and defence uses. It is one of the UK’s top companies for patent filings.

Quadrate Success Story: Movado

“SAP requires complete accuracy with master data from the beginning. These exacting standards were a whole new world for Movado. A world that would change the way the company handles their new internal business processes.”

Quadrate Success Story: Bentley

“Simple data changes or uploads now take a few minutes rather than a few hours. Complex changes take a few minutes as opposed to a few days!”

Quadrate Success Story: Unipart Rail UK Limited

“With our fi nance team using Quadrate to enter provisions our reports can be on the MD’s desk two or three days after period end rather than a week after, when updating SAP was a manual task.”