OmQR: Omnis QR Code 2018-02-01T13:40:35+00:00


Creates a QR code as a BMP file or an Omnis Bitmap
for Omnis Studio

and for Omnis 7

GetQRCode(text, size, wantsBitmap, fileName, version, ecLevel, colore)

Example code:

Local variable pict (Picture)
Load external routine o7ecos32/GetQRCode

Call external o7ecos32/GetQRCode (“”,0,2,””,0,0,0) with return value pict ;; 0=plots to screen, 1=returns a bitmap, 2=creates a file in root

OK message {[#F] [#1] [pict]}

Unload external routine o7ecos32/GetQRCode

Parameters are:
1: text for QR code (max 512 bytes)
2: size (0=default = 8 pixels per dot)
3: destination: 0=top window, 1=bitmap, 2=file
4: destination-filename (if used; if empty and needed, defaults to C:qrtest.bmp)
5: QR code version (default is usually ok)
6: error level correction (default is “high”)
7: is Color (0..7 basic colors and 8 means reverse)

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