Duration: 4 days

Goal: Advanced programming with PB Classic

Pre-requirements: PB basic programming (MMPB01)

Language: Training in Italian and English Language / I corsi possono essere tenuti in Italiano e in Inglese


Web Service

– WS theory: SOAP and WSDL
– Create a WS and deploy to MS IIS
– Call a WS through a PB proxy
– Call a WS using complex data structures (record array, blob…)
– Write a WS that connects a DB an returns a resultset
– CRUD operations bound to WS DW functions

HTTP protocol

– Handling HTTP request/response
– Example of Internet file download
– A live-update application

Java and PB

– Start the JVM from PB
– Create a Java class and interface from PB
– Create an EJB proxy

Additional Techniques

– Multi-threaded applications in PB
– Automatic handling of XML data in a DW
– PB 12.6 new features: OData, 64bit applications, dockable windows

Use .NET components from PB Classic

– Create and call a .NET NVO assembly from PB Classic
– Create and call a .NET VO assembly from PB Classic (e.g. Crystal Reports
– Create a .NET assembly wrapper for smartcards

Powerbuilder future roadmap

Training Schedule

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April 19 - April 25
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