—————————————-[1] 64bit and Studio 6.1support update[2] Javascript Ports update[3] PDFDevice and Omnis server/JS-Client related technical notes

—————————————-[1] 64bit and Studio 6.1 support update

We have tested our 64bit OGantt port with Studio 6.1.2 and there are no more outstanding issues as farms we can tell. The Final release builds are available for downloa

—————————————-[2] Javascript Ports update

We are still progressing well with our OWrite javascript port and are currently aiming to release an early alpha during August. This alpha will not include all functionality as there is still much to do and the last 10% of functionality is proving to be the most difficult. If you wish to receive this alpha release, please let us know by replying to this newsletter.

—————————————-[3] PDFDevice and Omnis server/JS-Client related technical notes

We have released two new technical notes related to issues displaying PDF files on the JS-Client (TN0024) and printing and displaying PDF without using a hard-disk (TN0025). The latter also includes the results of our performance testing between PDFDevice, OmnisPDF and Bullzip PDF printer.

Our technical notes can be downloaded from