[1] Maintenance Releases
[2] Studio version 6 support
[3] Major developments
[4] Add a comment to our Brainy Data Customer Page
[1] Maintenance Releases  OCal version 1.7.0 is available for download from
This version of OCal supersedes version 10.6.0.
Please thoroughly read the release notes and technical note TN0022 prior to using this release.
Includes Studio v6 support
PDFWriter version is available for download from
[2] Studio version 6 support
It has been brought to our attention that our web-client components currently do not work with Studio version 6 beta.
As mentioned above, OCal includes fully compatible Studio 6 components. We will gradually update all other software as part of the usual maintenance cycle.
[3] Major developments  PDFDevice version 3: 
Most of the OS X Core frame work and font substitution changes have been completed and
we will make available an early alpha in due course.  OCal version 2 and OGantt version 4 development:
The development of these components will resume as soon as we have completed the PDFDevice version 3 beta.
Omnis JS Client: We will announce our plans regarding JS Client in due course.
[4] Add a comment to our Brainy Data Customer Page  
On our Brainy Data Customer page we provide details of our customers' feedback and links to customer websites.
If you wish to appear on this page simply provide us with your comments and website address and we will do the rest.
The information we would like to show for each customer is:  *Your Company Name:
Your Company Website: *Your Name and Title: (Just Initials if you prefer)
Your Market: (i.e. the type of software that you create, just product names are acceptable)
*Your Comments: (anything you like to say about your and/or our software)
Even if you do not have the time or simply do not wish to provide feedback, we would still like to list you as our customer.
If you are happy to be listed, but have no time to provide us with your feedback, just reply
"Yes please" and we will make sure your company name and a link to your website (if we already have the details) are added to the page.
ustomer Feedback Page:  * required information
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