—————————————-[1] 64bit and Studio 6.1support update[2] Javascript Ports update

—————————————-[1] 64bit and Studio 6.1 support update

We have ported our OGantt component to Studio 6.1.1 32 and 64 bit, but are currently unable to release these ports as we discovered a problem with Studio 6.1.1 and object reference variables. OGantt relies heavily on object reference variables for loading and manipulating gantt charts, but their use appears to crash Studio in various ways. We have reported this issue to Tiger Logic and they are investigating. At this point we cannot say if the problem is with Studio or with our OGantt component.

The outstanding port of RepJText to 64 bit has been changed to a on-request-only port, as very few developers are still using this component. If you require a 64 bit version of this component, please let us know.

This than completes our Studio 6.1 ports with the exception of the outstanding issue with Studio 6.1.1 object reference variables.

—————————————-[2] Javascript Ports update

We have made great progress with our OWrite javascript port. Most of the basic editing functionality has been ported but there is still a substantial amount of work to do. Our plan is to release an early alpha version to a selected group of developers sometime during June but it is possible that this may slip into July.

Due to the extra work we had with the Studio 6.1 64 bit ports, we had to put our OCal project on hold as OWrite has been given a higher priority and we were unable to continue work on both projects in addition to the 64 bit ports. The OCal port will resume as soon as we have released our first beta of OWrite for javascript client.