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DBMoto Success Stories: PERI

Informix Data for Modern Business Intelligence Solutions To meet its commitment to timely, accurate decisionmaking, PERI fi rst introduced a business information system at the departmental level with extensive reporting capabilities and fl exible output management. Data
is acquired from the self-developed ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system “PSD.” This system is in worldwide use at PERI and uses 45 Informix databases to store data separately by country. Using a combination of SAP BusinessObjects systems, InfoView and the proprietary PDM data management system, PERI provides important reports and a web portal (myPERI)
for customer access....

...The decision to use DBMoto (already successfully deployed for the Informix DWH) to feed the SAP HANA database was fi nally made after official DBMoto certifi cation for SAP HANA.