Elevate 2019 Recap Seminar

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PowerBuilder User Regional Seminar 2019 – Barcelona, Spain

21 November 
Opening Sessions: Elevate 2019 conference keynote recap along with technical demos of key new features in PowerBuilder 2019.

22 November
Technical Sessions: Deep dives into the key new features of PowerBuilder 2019 and PowerServer 2019.  These sessions are a combination of lectures and exercises that are illustrated with code samples and working applications.  Recommended audience is PowerBuilder developers.


The Seminar will be mostly in English, including the opening and the technical sessions; nevertheless some bilingual (Spanish/English) sessions will be planned as well.
If you happen to be in Europe and couldn’t be able to join the Elevate 2019 US conference, we’ll be happy to meet you in the beautiful Barcelona to get the latest updates about Appeon products and to improve your apps, your skills and your contacts.


C/Numancia 74 | 08029 Barcelona
España +34 933224451

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TimeNovember 21
9.30Registration and Welcome Coffe
10.00Opening: introduction and agenda (SoftPI)

Overview of PowerBuilder 2019
(Armeen Mazda, Appeon CEO)


Technical Demo:
New Features in PowerBuilder 2019
(Marco Meoni, SoftPI )

PowerBuilder 2019 offers a wide range of new features for developing desktop and cloud applications. This session shows REST enhancements and new JSON capabilities, the Compressor and Extractor objects, the UI Themes and the built-in RichEdit and TXText controls.


PowerBuilder Roadmap Update
(Armeen Mazda, Appeon CEO)


Technical Demo:
New Features in PowerBuilder 2019 
(Marco Meoni, SoftPI )

PowerBuilder 2019 now provides a full set of encryption, encoding and hashing functions. This hands-on sessions will teach how to properly use state-of-the-art algorithms to enhance data security in applications.


Double Sessions (Spanish/English)

Gundación Laboral de la Construcción: Explorando el futuro con powerserver web, Javier García Martín, Juan Pedro Sanz Díez.




Gundación Laboral de la Construcción: Exploring the future with powerserver webJavier García Martín, Juan Pedro Sanz Díez.


Partner’s Success Story (English Only)

SVN, Autocompile, Testcomplete, DROPBOX, JIRA, PowerBuilder application lifecycle, Giuseppe Moglia, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, SATA Consulting


Appeon and Softpi, Q&A

TimeNovember 22
09.00 / 18.00

C# for PowerBuilder developers: a gentle introduction 
With the introduction of the new breakthrough C# Web API, PB developers will have to learn at least the very basis of C#. This session introduces the C# language in simple steps. A number of code snippets are discussed, showing how everything is wrapped in classes and what are the common differences with PB syntax. The session outlines pitfalls and caveats that are usually encountered while moving the first steps into C# Web API.

PowerServer 2020 sneak peek 
This tutorial overviews the upcoming PowerServer 2020 Web and Mobile. It walks through all new REST features with code examples showing OAuth 2.0, DW retrieves & updates against REST Web API, handling of complex JSON resultsets, merge multiple DWs for faster network performance. It also shows how to perform encryption, digital signing, and encoding of data for secure transfer between the PowerServer client and the server. It additionally presents how to compress and decompress filesystem objects or data streams in many formats.

C# Web Services Development with SnapDevelop 
The new PB C# Web API feature offers the perfect scenario for supplementing large PowerServer-enabled applications with full fledged .NET Core and C# REST API. This tutorial will show step-by-step how to use C# DataStore, implement service and controller, and make CRUD operations from PowerBuilder or PowerServer using their REST features.


C# REST API and PowerServer 2020 integration 
PowerServer is a well-established technology for moving your PB applications to n-tier architectures. With little effort, PowerScript goes Web and Mobile. However the target application leverages Javascript: complex business logic may need robust and scalable server-side components. This sessions describe possible scenarios where PowerServer and C# Web API can coexist and make applications to get the best from both architectures. 



The November 21 Seminar is free, offered by Software Products Italia (www.softpi.com) and Appeon (www.appeon.com). For organizational reasons registration is mandatory. We’ll also be happy to schedule one-to-one meeting with companies willing to discuss theis specific needs or just ask questions regarding PowerBuilder and Appeon solutions.

The November 22 Technical Sessions cost  €170,00/person. It’s possible to register to the Conference only, or to the Tech Course only, or to both.


On the evening of Thursday, November 21, after Recap PowerBuilder 2019 conference  (which is offered by Softpi and Appeon, including the business lunch, all free) we organize an informal and non-work dinner at a restaurant in the center of Barcelona. For those wishing to participate [and we would like very much] the price of dinner is:

  •      Zero: FREE for those who register for the course of November 22, no later than September 15th.
  •      15 Euro: SEMI-FREE for those who register for the Conference from November 21 (and is not enrolled in the course, otherwise it is free, see previous point) no later than September 15th.
  •      30 euros: for those who register after September 15th

Also: if you register in advance you do us a favor … help us better organize the event!

For more information and details: SOFTPI – emailwww.softpi.com

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