OmnisCRM is the customer management solution managing the everyday relationship with your clients.

OmnisCRM improves the relationships level, allowing a company to increase the loyalty of its clients and to acquire new ones.

OmnisCRM increases productivity of commercial staff, marketing and after sales service, making available to the whole organization valuable information concerning the clients.


More focus on the client, more profitability to the company

Clients are the true asset of every company. Acquiring a new client is much more costly than maintaining a loyal one.

OmnisCRM allows you to know you clients habits and their desired outcomes to measure the degree of their loyalty and to evaluate their customer lifetime value.


Market and Clients unified vision

The best way to improve the value of information is to collect it while it’s forming, letting it be immediately available and relating market and clients information in order to exploit their connection in the future.

OmnisCRM   manages in a unified and centralized way all the information about clients and market (suppliers, distributors, competitors), making it available them available to the various business areas.

This makes the job of marketing, commercial and after sales services easier.


Improve communication with the client

Every day a lot of information is exchanged with the clients. Planning, organizing, and recording these pieces of information is vital to guarantee that nothing is lost and that clients will be really satisfied.

With OmnisCRM it is possible, for example, to archive an email in a few clicks while planning an appointment in the agenda, an activity or a simple reminder.


The information asset is a priceless resource

This is why it is fundamental to use and protect it the right way. In OmnisCRM   access to information is regulated by specific permissions assigned to the users and the operations are tracked and registered in a system log.

Specific tools are available to analyze the database and to verify the quality of registered information: a real checkup of the “state of health” of the company data.


Monitor company’s processes

Monitoring your company processes means to have real time  knowledge over the evolution of commercial negotiation, the development of marketing strategies, the quality level of after sale services.

OmnisCRM helps you to improve the management of company’s resources and processes, increasing efficiency and reducing company’s costs.


An innovative solution for your  company’s development

OmnisCRM can be easily adopted by small or large companies and organizations of any activity area, making them able to rely on an innovative instrument for the own company development.

OmnisCRM modular structure allows to configure the solution according to the actual company necessities.

OmnisCRM licensing policy is based on the “concurrent user” model, so to obtain the maximum flexibility with the smallest investment.


Simple Versatile Comprehensive Secure


  • Developed on an object-oriented platform.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Data base.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Outlook, Word, Excel, Project, Internet Browsers, Google Maps, telephone exchange, instant messaging services , website CMS.
  • Integration with Departmental and managing services.
  • Extended data directly available to users.
  • Reporting and analysis tools, available in every application module.
  • Multilanguage, multicurrency, multicompany.
  • Available in client-server, web, mobile and offline
  • High security levels in data access.
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