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Sys AdminYou will learn the Appeon system architecture, the server configuration, tweak settings, security, application delivery and server clusteringStep-by-step Appeon setup for .NET (MS IIS) and Java (JBOSS) Configuration of native, ODBC and JDBC DataSource Package of an Appeon application and deploy without PB Appeon Enterprise Manager (AEM) for administrator Clustering, Load Balancing and Fail OverIntroduction Introduction Introduction Intermediate Advanced4 2 2 4 4
Web DeveloperYou will run your PB app from the IE browser, interface local resources, use Web URLs, work around unsupported featuresDeploy and change of a PB application (Appeon Sales) Manipulation PB local resources: Register, I/O, DLL, INI file, PDF, OCX Setup of AppeonFileService and use of the iNet class for Web URLs How to identify/prevent unsupported features and improve performance?Introduction Introduction Intermediate Intermediate2 4 4 2
EnterpriseDeveloperYou will learn how to call server-side components (apply to both Appeon Web and Mobile)Use of Enterprise Java Beans Use of componenti server .NET Use of Web Service and Web DatawindowAdvanced Advanced Advanced4 4 4
MobileDeveloperYou will practice how to extend the classic PB features and exploit native resources of your device: camera, maps, barcode, mail and lots more! You will learn how to write offline mobile apps, synchronize data with a consolidated DB, distribute apps, interface social networks, tips and tricks for best mobile experienceStep-by-step app development and test with the Appeon WorkSpace emulatorDevice info: type, orientation, resolution, resize Multimedia: camera roll, camera, store image/video into a remote DB Sistem resource: interface to Mail client, Notification Center, Text Checker GeoLocation: coordinates, maps, annotations Offline mobile apps, SQLite and Mobilink/SQL Anywhere synchronization App distribution to App Store / Google Play and custom Appeon Workspace* Integration with Facebook and Twitter (and more) How to develop user-friendly screens for mobile apps? How to identify/prevent unsupported features and improve performance?Introduction Introduction Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Advanced Advanced Intermediate Intermediate4 4 2 4 4 4 4 4 2 2
Theory CourseThese tracks provide full courses of AppeonWeb/Mobile, presenting lots of code snippets and tips and tricksAppeon Web Jump Start (Installation, architecture, AEM, DB connection, application deployment, interface to client resources)Appen Web Advanced (Debugger, Security, SSO, EJB, .NET assembly, WS, Caching, Server calls, Load balance, Fail over) Appeon Mobile Jump Start (Installation, architecture, AEM, AWS, DB connection, Mobile device info, deployment, packaging, camera, camera roll, Mail client) Appeon Mobile Advanced (Barcode, Notification Centre, Text Checker, GeoLocation, Offline Data with ASA/SQLite, deeply to App Store/Google Play, custom AWS)Introduction Intermediate Introduction Intermediate4 4 4 4
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*require a Mac + enroll an Apple Developer Programs or/and a Google Developer Account

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