CRASH COURSE: Web Services in PB Classic 12.6

Titolo:  CRASH COURSE: Web Services in PB Classic 12.6
Duration: 1 day (how to create and to use Web Services in PowerBuilder)
Language: English/italian
The course includes a series of exercises that can be tested directly on your laptop

  • WS Theory: SOAP and WSDL
  • WS Programming in PB: .NET vs EasySoap engine
  • Create a WS connecting to a DB and:
    • returning primitive data;
    • returning a recordset by query parameters;
    • returning a recordset as blob (e. g. an Excel file)
  • WS Client: using PBscript to consume WS
    • Generation of proxy and endpoint
  • WS extension to update a DB
  • WS Client: using WS-datawindow to consume WS
  • Protected access to a WS through a server authentication
  • PB.Classic and RESTful web service: limits and workarounds
  • About the Open DATA protocol
  • Using the iNet class instead of a WS Client and HTTP operations
  • How to code the live-update feature in an application

Location:  Rome – Florence – Milan
Date: contact us

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