PowerBuilder 2017 – INTRODUCTION

Duration: 3 Days


Development of a complete MDI application using a Database


OO programming


– The PB 2017 IDE – Workspace and a Target – Application object – Powerscript, events, variables – Run the HelloWorld application


– Create a window and add visual controls – Control properties – Types of windows


– Menu and sub-items, toolbars, menu types and menu scripting – Dynamic call to window events from the menu object


– DB connection types, ODBC vs native drivers – DB painter, DVB profile and Powerscript syntax – The Transaction object


– Create a DW object, presentation styles and data preview – Retrieval arguments and SQL source – Server-side and client-side operations – Computed fields – Buffers – Static/Dynamic binding of dataobject to DW controls


– Inheritance in PB – Build a base window, insert a DW control and define user events – Inherit a new window and add controls and scripts

Additional concepts

– Visual and non-visual UO, dynamic creation

PB Debugger

– Run the application in Debug mode and set Breakpoints – Step in / Step over, Variable watch, Conditional breakpoints

Distribution of the Application

– Application deployment – PB Dynamic Library vs DLL – PB Runtime DLL


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