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 An Omnis Application supports hospitals in the Covid-19 pandemic

During this complicated period an App created with Omnis Studio is supporting Healthcare Management in several countries

For almost 30 years hospitals in Australia, NZ, the UK and Canada have used an Omnis-based application called EDIS (Emergency Department Information System) to manage their high volume Accident & Emergency departments.

Emergency departments have been incredibly stretched during the Covid-19 pandemic. So Omnis started a plan to significantly increase the number of authorised users of EDIS so that A&E departments could more quickly process patients and ensure that patient data was more widely available within hospitals.

Omnis Software and DXC Technology have launched a “Free COVID-19 partnership”, enabling hospitals to increase the numbers of users of DXC Technology’s Omnis application. This partnership provides hospital users with interim free Omnis licence extensions to support hospitals in the current pandemic.

The patient tracking function delivers a real-time picture of patients in the department, their location, who is treating them, their presenting problem and or diagnosis, any outstanding tests and results and much more.

This is their way of assisting hospitals to manage their data and better treat our friends who have unfortunately contracted Covid-19. We are proud to be able to play our part at this difficult time.

Software Products in Europe is offering for free several on-line training for companies or individuals interested in learn more about how to create desktop and mobile apps with Omnis Studio.

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