Appeon PowerServer Mobile

Duration: 5 days

Goal: Build native mobile apps for iOS and Android

Pre-requirements: PB programming


– Appeon PowerServer Mobile vs native solutions


– Run the HelloWorld app from the Appeon WorkSpace (AWS) – DB connection: the Connection Cache – Datawindow styles

Development Tools

– Unsupported Features report – Client logs

Access mobile resources and sensors

– Device info: type, orientation, resolution, resize – Multimedia: camera roll, camera, store image/video into a remote DB – System resource: interface to Mail client, Notification Center, Text Checker – GeoLocation: Coordinates, Maps, Annotations – Inter-app Communication (Facebook, Twitter, Navigator…) – NFC

Advanced features

– Web Services – Online payment with PayPal – WebView – Electronic Signature – The Cordova plugin

Offline App

– Execution of offline apps – App update – Local database: SQLite vs SAP ASA – Database Synchronization with Mobilink

Deployment to app stores

– Package the app and execution within the AWS – Deploy to Apple Store (.IPA) and Google Play (.APK) – Deploy of a custom AWS

Para mas informacion

tel. +39 055 33651