A cycle of online meetings starting May 5, 2020: The evolution of Appeon PowerBuilder 2019 R2, a practical hands-on review
In-depth analysis and group exercises, following the Appeon PowerBuilder roadmap

Let’s take advantage of this very particular period to deepen and practice together remotely the new evolution of PowerBuilder and its new features!

Presentation, demonstration, collective PowerScript and C# coding, discussions, in the flexible context of a series of 4 two hours online meetings.

A preliminary free of charge meeting (about 1 hour) to be held on May 5 is free and will be offered in two time slots:

– at 11:00AM CET  and also at 4:00PM CET

In this first meeting the goal is to organize schedules and contents together.

Then, the actual cycle – for which a one-time company subscription of € 200.00 is required (you can buy also by our eShop) – will be composed of 4 online two-hours meetings, from 4:00PM to 6:00PM, with the following suggested dates and topics:

– May 12 and 14:
PB 2019 R2  News
– PDF Support
– Data Encoding, Encryption, Hashing and Compression
– HTTP Client
– REST client
– UI enhancements: Themes, Ribbon Bar, Web Browser
– C# Library Loader

– May 19 and 21:

PowerServer 2020
REST Web Services
– Background knowledge
– SnapDevelop
– C# WEB API and Data model
– Controller and Service scaffolding
– Testing

Without imposing a too rigid scheduling, the goal will be to practice together with PowerScript and C# coding and the new features of PB 2019 R2.