After the PB 2019 release, a 1h + 1h “Hotcast” training for PB Developers:

1) C# for PB developers: a “gentle introduction”


2) PB C# WEB API explained

In 2 hours You will learn how to implement all required server side components: data context, data model, controller and service:

C# for PB developers: a “gentle introduction” – 1PM – 2PM

With the introduction of the new breakthrough C# Web API, PB developers will have to learn at least the very basis of C#.
This session introduces the C# language in simple steps.
A number of code snippets are discussed, showing how everything is wrapped in classes and what are the common differences with PB syntax.
The session outlines pitfalls and caveats that are usually encountered while moving the first steps into C# Web API and the SnapDevelop IDE.


PB C# WEB API explained – 3PM – 4PM

The breakthrough feature of PowerBuilder 2019 is the C# Web API target.
It allows to create 100% managed-code cross-OS RESTful services from C# non-visual objects, and return data in JSON format.
The tutorial demonstrates how to create, in the new native PowerBuilder/SnapDevelop IDEs, a Web API based on ASP.NET Core that will use C# DataStore as its data manipulation component to perform CRUD operations.