.NET DataStore

The .NET DataStore brings the productivity of PowerBuilder to C# development. It provides a pure C# implementation of the DataWindow and other commonly-used PowerBuilder features. A tool is also included to automatically convert existing DataWindows to .NET.

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Highly Productive

  • Easy to Learn The .NET DataStore provides virtually the same productive approach to programming as PowerBuilder, including non-visual DataWindow APIs (propertiesmethods and events), data buffers, transaction management, system functions, and SQL programming.

  • Minimal Coding Developers can accomplish big tasks with few lines of code, and all SQL is defined in the C# POCO model of the DataStore class, which minimizes redundant code.

  • Automatic Conversion An automated conversion tool (the DataWindow Converter) generates standard C# POCO models from existing DataWindows including the child DataWindows.

Standard Architecture

  • Model-Driven  Driven by a standard C# POCO model that contains all data-related properties and attributes. There is a strict separation of concerns and no proprietary .SRD format.

  • Managed Code – 100% managed code so it benefits from the full power of the Common Language Runtime (CLR), such as built-in security, faster performance, and ease of deployment.

  • .NET Core – Compatible with the .NET Core Framework. You can deploy to either Windows or Linux OS running a variety of Web servers or even go serverless.

Open Design

  • Open-Source – All libraries of the .NET DataStore are available in the C# source code form in addition to the compiled NuGet packages.

  • Any C# IDE – You can maintain your .NET projects in any C# IDE, such as Visual Studio or SnapDevelop.

  • IList Compatible – The DataStore inherits from a standard .NET list, enabling you to natively integrate with other .NET code and libraries.

C# Programming Features


The .NET DataStore is the most effective technology for PowerBuilder customer to move to the Cloud with an API-enabled architecture.

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Download the trial to start developing your first REST API using powerful DataWindow technology. We also recommend you dive deeper by watching the .NET DataStore Training video.

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