SAP Analytics

SAP Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI)
SAP Business Objects

The business intelligence tools of BusinessObjects suite put strategic information at your fingertips.

With BusinessObjects, you can monitor key metrics and gain valuable insight into the behavior of your customers.

You will always and everywhere have access to the business intelligence tools that support it to make immediate decisions.

Self-service, flexible and scalable BI features allow you to easily locate and share strategic information in real time.

SAP Predictive Analitics

Predictive Factory leverages the business value of the predictive models, ensuring the link with in production databases that feed operational systems. This user-friendly interface allows users, from business analysts to data scientists, to create, operationalize and monitor the predictive models, in a secured and productive workflow, through:

  • All in one management of predictive models associated to a business context: creation of models; importation of existing models created in Automated Analytics or Expert Analytics; direct authoring of time series forecasting models; management of models versioning; monitoring of the models all along their lifecycle,
  • Precise scheduling of main industrialization tasks: application of the models on new data, retraining of the models to insure their performance level and accuracy, detection of the models deviations.

SAP Predictive Analytics is a data mining and predictive modeling solution that enables you to discover hidden insights and relationships in your data and to build predictive models from which you can make predictions about future events.

Automated Analytics includes the following modules:

  • Data Manager is used to facilitate the preparation of the data to be used in the analytics project.
  • Modeler enables the analyst to create in a homogenous and easy-handling workflow models such as classification, regression, clustering, time series, and association rules. Models can be exported in different formats so that you can easily apply them in your production environment.
  • Social extracts and uses implicit structural relational information stored in different kinds of datasets, improving the decision and prediction capacities of the models. It can represent data in the form of graphs that show how the different data are linked. Dedicated workflows help you create colocation and frequent path analyses based on geo-referenced data.
  • Recommendation generates product recommendations for your customers based on a link analysis provided by Social.

Expert Analytics enables you to do the following:

  • Produce deep analysis of the data using different visualization techniques, such as scatter matrix charts, parallel coordinates, cluster charts, and decision trees.
  • Perform various analyses and build models on the data, including time series forecasting, outlier detection, trend analysis, classification analysis, segmentation analysis, and affinity analysis.
  • Use a range of predictive algorithms, the R open-source statistical analysis language, and in-memory data mining capabilities for handling large volume data analysis efficiently.

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Some of the products available to SAP ARP OE

SAP® BusinessObjects Enterprise (USER) 
SAP® BusinessObjects Enterprise (CS) 
SAP® BusinessObjects Enterprise, Public Document 
SAP® BusinessObjects BI, Edge Edition (USER) 
SAP® BusinessObjects BI, Edge Edition (CS) 
SAP® BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (USER) 
SAP® BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (CS) 
SAP® Crystal Server (USER)
SAP® Crystal Server (CS)
SAP® Powerdesigner Dataarchitect, Edge Edition (CS)
SAP® Powerdesigner Enterprisearchitect (CS)
SAP® Data Services, Enterprise Edition
SAP® Data Services
SAP® Data Services, Edge Edition
SAP® Information Steward
SAP® Integrator, Premium Edition
Sybase Products
SAP Adaptive Server Platform
SAP® Adaptive Server Platform, Replication Option For 3Rd Party Databases
SAP® Adaptive Server Platform, Database Memscale Option
SAP® Adaptive Server Platform, Database Always-On Option
SAP® Adaptive Server Platform, Workload Analyzer Option
SAP ASE Edge Edition
SAP® SQL Anywhere, Advanced Edition (Core)
SAP® SQL Anywhere workgroup, Edge edition (User)
SAP® SQL Anywhere workgroup, Edge edition (Core)
SAP® SQL Anywhere, Database and Sync Client